Mouth-Watering Pigs Ears For Dogs

We offer superior quality higher welfare pigs ears that are second to none. We source, import, quality check, wholesale and retail our own large and thick premium pigs ears and sows ears ears from certified stock in the EU. We are a family business and have a reputation for quality. Most of the pigs ears sold in the UK are imported from China and sold in nets where there is no traceability and the source is unknown. Chinese imports are usually half the weight and size of the ones we sell. Say "no thanks!" to crispy little piglet ears in nets from China and "yes please!" to large, quality assured air-dried pigs ears from the EU!

Not Just Pigs Ears..

We stock much more than just Pigs ears. We also have Buffalo ears, Cows ears, Lamb ears and Goat ears!

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Highest Quality Natural Dog Treats

We have over 60 years experience in the pet trade sourcing only the very highest quality products.

We have a brick-and-mortar warehouse in the market town of Brandon nestled in the Suffolk countryside where we carry a full range of the highest quality dog treats.