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Pigs Ears Direct

Special Offer Bundle

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Our special offer bundle is a way to sample all our products so you can see for yourself the quality and which of our products are best suited to your four-legged friend!

What you get:
  • 2 x Standard Pigs Ears
  • 2 x Jumbo Premium XL Pigs Ears
  • 1 x XXL Sows Ear
  • 500g Inner Ear Chunks
  • 1 x Premium Iberian Ham Bone

Our Standard Pigs Ears:
These are our exceptionally high quality, "standard sized" pigs ears which are a smaller & lower cost version of our massive Jumbo XL pigs ears. These are the same premium quality as our XL ears but have been hand selected and offered at a lower price as they're not quite up to the massive size required to be sold as our XL pigs ears.

Our Jumbo Premium XL Pigs Ears:
Our XL pigs ears are nothing like the thin and crispy little pigs ears you see in shops or the tiny cheap imported ones in nets being offered online. Our pigs ears are the largest and thickest available and are a delicious treat that your dog will love!

Our Sows Ears:
Our sows ears are the largest you'll find anywhere in the UK and Europe, and dwarf even extra large pigs ears. These are the thickest, heaviest sows ears that money can buy.
These come from female Iberian pigs (sows) which are a breed reared for prime quality ham and are raised in a free-ranging environment on pasture grass and acorns.

Our Inner Ear Chunks:
These are solid large chunks of inner ear pork meat. 
Our porky bites are the perfect natural chew and treat for dogs who can't manage our massive pigs ears and are a perfect smaller snack between meals or as a training reward.
This is a very high quality product and is nothing like others being sold which are dry, dusty and look and feel like pork scratching rejects. These are rich and delicious!

Our Iberian Ham Bones:
Just like our other products, our premium ham bones are a cut above the rest!
These wonderfully tasty bones come from the same Iberian pigs as our ear products and are slowly reared on lush pastures with Oak trees and acorns for the very highest quality ham.
Ham bones for dogs are typically cooked, brittle and lacking nutrition but our premium ham bones are gently air-dried to perfection and then vacuum-sealed to lock in the flavours and goodness.

Special Offer Price - Just £16.99 Delivered!