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Frequently Asked Questions

We've been asked all kinds of weird and wonderful questions about our delicious pigs ears over the years and have compiled a list of the most frequent ones. If you have a question which isn't answered below, please contact us on 01842 815551 or hello@pigsearsdirect.com.

When will I receive my order?
All orders placed before noon Monday to Friday are packaged and sent the same day. Boxes of 10 and 20 pigs ears are sent on a 2-3 day service and boxes of 50 pigs ears are sent on a next day service.
How are these pigs ears any different to the cheap ones I see online?
Not every product sold as a "pigs ear" is actually a real pigs ear. Some products are just rawhide shaped to look like a real pigs ear. Others may have additives such as liquid smoke and unnecessary preservatives, or sourced from countries with poor animal welfare standards.
Will these help to remove tartar from my dogs teeth?
Absolutely! Our pigs ears are dried out just enough to ensure the moisture content (approximately 7%) is low enough to avoid any possibility of deterioration, but not too much that they become brittle. This means our pigs ears are an irregularly shaped chew that have just the right amount of hardness and pliability to help remove tartar & plaque.
Are your pigs ears cooked or dried?
Our pigs ears are slowly air dried at 130 degrees Celsius. This isn't hot enough to cook them, but is just enough to remove the moisture and lock in the flavours for a healthy natural treat with a long shelf life.
Are pigs ears a healthy treat?
Pigs ears are a wonderfully healthy treat packed with goodness. The high protein content (average 66%) contributes to a healthy coat, muscle development, tissue repair and healthy skin. Furthermore the natural oils and fats (average 22.5%) contribute to the glossiness of your dogs coat.
What is the shelf life of pigs ears?
Around 18 months after delivery. Amazing but true!
Why do some of the ears have a hole in them?
In the UK and EU, Farmers tag their pigs with a plastic tag in one their ears. Plastic tags are bright coloured so they are easily seen and removed during processing unlike some of the Asian pigs ears which use metal staples which can be extremely dangerous for your dog if missed.
Are your pigs ears additive free?
Yes! Our pigs ears are 100% natural and contain no additives, preservatives or flavour enhancers.

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